[Tagging] footway=crossing in detailed tagging

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Sun Dec 15 14:50:17 UTC 2019

>>On 15/12/19 12:30, Mateusz Konieczny wrote:
>> Let's say that we have footway mapped separately from the road, road has 
>> footways on both sides.
>> Footway has surface=paving_stones, road has surface=asphalt.
>> There is a crossing, made from three ways:
>> - (1) highway=footway surface=paving_stones (for a bit from centerline of 
>> sidewalk to the curb)
>> - (2) highway=footway surface=asphalt (for part on the carriageway)
>> - (3) again highway=footway surface=paving_stones for part from curb to 
>> the centerline
>> How footway=crossing tag should be applied?
>> To all three or just carriageway surface - (2) segment?

>in my opinion there should be no doubt in assigning only to 2, from kerb to 


Agree, from kerb to kerb. Is the most correct to do it.
If people draw in (in the future) a area:highway=* inside this area:highway 
the surface on the highway and area must be equal.
Because people started to draw in, I liked to see what is drawn in. 
(Experimental style)
A image say, give you a hint, much more then a writing.

dark red yes is crossing:island=yes


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