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Problem with applying different road classification system from different
places with their individual tags onto local roads is that:
1. Even if we ignore countries that have different rules within different
part of a single country, there are still about 200 countries in this
world. Each of them having different road classification values, supposedly
each country should have at least a few different levels, would mean there
are thousand of different values that data consumer or renderer or routing
engine and such need to handle and process, which is a pretty big task for
anyone who wish to use these data. It also make inter-country data
comparison difficult or impossible.
2. It will be difficult for a mapper from country A to map for country B
which might be less mapped through means like satellite mapping, video
mapping or site visit, as the mapper would need to familiar themselves with
local classification instead of applying universal standards onto them.
3. Road classification system within each single country is not always
static. Country sovereignty on localities are not static either. When
either of that change, you would need to re-tag every single road in that
place or that country to the new standard if you decided to introduce
country-specific tagging, which would be a very big task.
4. If you are going to setup a table to tell people which road level in
which country is equal to what in other countries, then why not just tell
people with a table that these roads which are tagged with universal tags
corresponds to those level in local classification?
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