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Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Sat Dec 21 10:06:26 UTC 2019

21 Dec 2019, 01:09 by joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com:

> Above it was said that the highway=trunk vs highway=primary
> distinction is mostly for routing applications. But allowing a proper
> rendering is also a main goal of the road tagging system.
Yes, during my work on road display in
OSM Carto I really wished for consistent
use of highway=trunk as
"The most important roads on national
level, but not motorways".

I encountered some definitions of highway=trunk
describing this type of user,
but it is sadly not universally followed.

I think it would be desirable to use it this way,
rather than for tagging of "high performance
roads below motorway quality".
> While it's true that road class is useful for routing when there are
> two alterate routes, a main reason to tag highways with a certain
> class is to be able to render maps properly at different zoom levels.
> When you are making a high-scale, low-zoom-level map of a large area
> (say, the whole State of Alaska, all of England, or all of Australia),
> you will want to only render highway=motorway + highway=trunk, because
> showing all highway=primary would lead to rendering many smaller roads
> which are not reasonable to show at that scale in most places.
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