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On 2019-12-26 06:14, John Willis via Tagging wrote:

> However, in airports, there are pointedly "duty free" shops for (all) travelers. that have no ability to collect taxes for any purchase, so shop=gifts + duty_free=designated might be a good way to do it for these specialty shops in international zones, Compared to shop=supermarket + duty_free=yes that would be at a normal market that offers that service for foreign travelers who happen to shop there.

Whether duty-free is available depends on the passenger's status as
well. In Europe at least duty-free is not available to passengers within
the EU customs area. The shop will check the destination of the
passenger (via their boarding card) before concluding the sale. If the
passenger is not clearly leaving the customs area, then duty and taxes
are charged. This doesn't mean that the price to the passenger has to
change however, as the shop may choose to keep the total price the same;
but the way it is accounted, and what has to be handed over to the
government, will differ.
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