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Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 31 23:46:46 UTC 2019

On 2019-12-31 23:55, Jarek PiĆ³rkowski wrote:

> On Tue, 31 Dec 2019 at 17:37, Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl> wrote: On 2019-12-31 23:04, Hauke Stieler wrote: that's true, the EU is one special case here. But would the status of a
> traveler influence the tagging schema of "duty_free=*" in your opinion? 
> The EU is only a special case because there are multiple countries within a single customs area for these purposes. Many airports accommodate both domestic and international passengers in mixed areas. The only other way I can see duty free shops working us if domestic passengers were actually banned from making purchases. This used to be the case within the EU, at some airports at least.
> In terms of tagging, the scenario described could be something like duty_free=export - meaning YES if you are exporting it beyond the customs union area (~~EU), otherwise NO.

Arguably, duty_free=export is the default meaning of duty-free.

In this case the shop is a "duty-free shop", it's just that not
everyone gets the same prices there (because you can't take advantage
of the tax/duty-free status if you're not leaving the customs area).

Just to be clear: in the situation I am referring to, an article priced
at GBP120 in such a mixed shop is GBP120 net to an exporting passenger,
but GBP100 net + GBP20 tax (@20% VAT) to a non-exporting passenger.
Everybody pays the same, but the accounting is different. 

The implementation in a couple of shops is described here: 



So the shop is both tax/duty free, and not, at the same time. Hence it
does not fit the proposed description of either duty_free=yes or
duty_free=no. So we need a value to represent "yes, if your next
destination is outside the current customs area." Duty_free=mixed would
also not quite cover it IMHO as it might imply that it only applies to
certain goods, whereas the distinction I am trying to make is based on
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