[Tagging] crossing=cycleway as a node

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Mon Feb 4 14:11:41 UTC 2019

I have come across this issue too. 

I realize that in some countries, they have signals and roads and full blown intersections just for bikes, but many cycling roads in Japan:

A) dead-end onto footways, not roads, as the ways are often treated as footways with a special designation for cycling - not "roads" - and are built to that standard. They simply don't interact with the roads as roads, but like "cycling footways". 

B) have pedestrian-style zebra crossings, with pedestrian-style controls (bollards, cones, curb cuts, crossing buttons), not stop signs, signals or other road "intersection" style features. 

C) often have no crossing (a physical barrier blocks crossing the road) - and cyclists have to join footway traffic, go to a footway's marked crossing, then rejoin the cycleway on the other side of the major road, further reinforcing that their crossings (when available) are similar. We also have unmarked crossing as well - to cover all the situations for footways - the same should be available for cycleways. 

D) crosswalks and other types of marked footway crossings have tagging customized for them - which are the exact same ones that are used for cycleways in (some parts of) the real world. Tying a zebra crossings to footway tagging is not something that exists in the real world, but a construct of the OSM tagging scheme. 

E) cycleways in OSM are in the same tagging category as path/ footway/ bridleway (a way by default not used by cars, unlike all others) but we are expected to tag how cycleways interact with roads *completely differently* than footways - a way similar to cars (when it is not done that way in some places). Seems wrong. 

If I see a zebra crossing with a cut curb and a bollard (I have hit a few bollards, broken my bike, but they love them here) for a cycleway to cross a road, plastered with signs and warnings to cyclists (pained on the ground) to stop just like a pedestrian - that to me is a "marked crossing" - not  road-road intersection. Its existence as a *crossingway* that is heavily marked, painted, barriers, and signed  - not a normal stretch of cycleway or footway - and the lack of tagging for it is something to be remedied. 


> On Jan 26, 2019, at 11:17 PM, Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com> wrote:
> The fact that the road is crossed by is crossed by a cycleway is already defined by the "highway" tags' values of the two crossing highways.

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