[Tagging] Clarification unclassified vs residential

Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Wed Feb 20 09:22:30 UTC 2019

i found some changesets downgrading streets to unclassified. After some
discussions the mapper were under the impression that unclassified is
something higher priority than residential.

From my long tagging practice in OSM unclassified and residential are
identical in respect to priority. (And e.g. OSRM treats them equal) 
The first is used as a connecting road off city limits. The latter is
used for the lowest class roads within city boundarys (Where there is
residential usage)

So for me retagging residential to unclassified is broken under the
assumption that unclassified is something "better" than residential.

It is even more broken when there is residential usage in which case
unclassified is inappropriate.

While discussing i found that there was some modification to the German
version of unclassified not saying that unclassified is something
"better" but suggesting that an unclassified should be dragged into
city limits until the next higher class street. This lets user
assume that unclassified is some higher priority than residential.

I was treating those streets identical for the last 10+ years and only
the city limits gave the indication whether to use unclassified or

Am i wrong with that usage?

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