[Tagging] Dispute on tagging place=* in Turkmenistan

Allan Mustard allan at mustard.net
Tue Jan 1 23:44:57 UTC 2019

Looking for some guidance here from the tagging experts.  Please see the
dispute section on the Turkmenistan wiki discussion page

The nub is that I advocate classifying Turkmenistan's municipalities based
on their official status according to the host government (see the wiki
article Districts in Turkmenistan).  Another mapper, Aka_Bob, disagrees and
insists that there are OSM guidelines based on population (I note that the
OSM place=village article says a village can have up to 10,000 population,
which in the United States is laughable--that would be a town or a city).
Aka_Bob edited that section of the wiki article unilaterally without first
consulting local mappers.  I have no intention of entering into an edit
war, but rather want to take this out to the community for discussion.

I'd like to hear what people think.  Opening classification of Turkmen
muncipalities to free interpretation rather than a standard official
classification strikes me as a recipe for chaos, particularly since
official population data have not been published for over a decade (the
2012 and 2017 censuses were made secret) but maybe that's just me.  What do
you think?

Best regards and Happy New Year to all!

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