[Tagging] Trailhead tagging

Graeme Fitzpatrick graemefitz1 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 20:28:07 UTC 2019

On Mon, 7 Jan 2019 at 06:10, Marc Gemis <marc.gemis at gmail.com> wrote:

> But are you adding
> https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/conservation-and-heritage/national-parks/australias-national-parks
> to all national parks  (because that is what Peter's link is doing).

Thanks Marc, but you may notice that I didn't mention the specific page
that Peter linked to, I commented that there should be both general &
specific links, & I stand by that.

& thanks again - that's a handy page that you found - bookmarked! :-)


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