[Tagging] Allotments plot / lot tagging and ref?

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Hi, BTW, What is actually the difference between:

(Status: in use / wiki-start: 7 April 2015)
"Use the tag place=plot to identify a named plot is a tract or parcel of land owned or meant to be owned by some owner."

(Status: approved / wiki-start: 5 October 2013)
"The allotments=plot tag is used to demarcate an area within an allotment site given over to an individual or group. An allotment site is typically broken up into many of these allotment plots. Define an area within an area tagged as landuse=allotments."

What's the practical difference? I'm understanding it's inducing a subtle difference in a plot being owned (sold) or not yet.
But in both cases, the plot is empty, isnt' it? Their plot numbers are used just for sale purpose, arent'? They are not a permanent number as a further building number given by the municipality.

For Tag:place=plot says: "OSM does not aim to be a land registry. You can add plot data if you want but only where the plot boundaries are actually visible on the ground. "

What would be the purpose of mapping indivual empty plots?
If it's for routing purposes, fine, I imagine someone should live over there. Then having a number would be reasonable.
If nobody lives there yet, say it's just a commercial allotment with empty plots yet, then mapping them wouldn't be a land registry?
In the case of mapping empty plots, would identification of plots make conflicts with further mapping of true buildings, or farmyards, constructed over them, that might be actually routed for someones address?

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