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> On 8. Jan 2019, at 14:35, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> wrote:
> I'm not convinced that we really want to model such a level of detail in the first place, but using a small set of common keys for facilities with similar purpose has obvious advantages over a multitude of special purpose keys that are difficult to discover.

I do not believe either that we would want to map generally at such level of detail, but I can imagine people being interested in a particular detail, e.g. https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/drink%3Aclub-mate (or e.g. postage stamps, or public transport tickets)
and for these few exceptions (things with sufficient supporters and interest to “take off”) I am not sure a generic tag with multiple values is better than a specific property. A drink:club-mate=yes tag is less inviting to tag the availability of milk, cherry lemonade or beer than a generic tag available_drinks=club-mate, which will most likely lead to long lists soon.

With current tools there is no tag completion for the individual values in lists, while the alternative already works.

It is also simpler for data consumers, and as long as you want to distinguish only yes/no you could get along with just one bit for storage.

Cheers, Martin 
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