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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Tue Jan 8 23:17:02 UTC 2019

No magic, the preset has curated values for the subtags (which is
naturally possible in iD too) most of them have historically been
gleaned from the wiki or from actual use.  The upside and the downside
of this is that they are curated, so there is always a certain lag
between a value being used in the wild and it turning up in the preset.


Am 08.01.2019 um 15:50 schrieb Bryan Housel:
>> On Jan 8, 2019, at 2:30 AM, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> wrote:
>> Am 07.01.2019 um 16:12 schrieb Bryan Housel:
>>> ...
>>> On “both is OK”. the `service:vehicle` issue was because we can’t use the same key `service=*` to contain both things like `tyres` (a few thousands) and `driveway` (a few millions).  Sorry, but the `service=tyres` has to go.  A few thousand uses is not “established tagging practice”.  And I doubt that that usage was ever discussed here or proposed either.  If it was, I missed the proposal where someone said “lets put tyres in a tag already used 3 million times for something else”.  My “no” vote on such a thing would not have mattered anyway.
>>> ...
>> This is not a given, your problem exists just as a consequence of iD
>> retrieving tag values from taginfo and how iD presets are designed.
>> Everything else (as in any other editor) definitely doesn't have an
>> issue with sub-tag keys using the same name as there is more than enough
>> context to be able to differentiate the different usages. 
> How does Vespucci work around this?
> Do you:
> - just build in lists of what all the acceptable values are that people are allowed to enter in different contexts?
> - or let people type anything but expect them to already know what the good values are from wiki research?
> - or just don’t support the `service=` key in some contexts?
> - or something else?
> (skipping the rest of the email about `sells=`.. it’s way off topic)
> Thanks, Bryan
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