[Tagging] Road blocks?

Graeme Fitzpatrick graemefitz1 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 00:50:05 UTC 2019

On Sat, 12 Jan 2019 at 10:17, Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>

> Graphhhopper does not update the database instantaneously.

 On Sat, 12 Jan 2019 at 10:24, Anton Klim <tohaklim at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yep, looks like it might be a router data issue rather than a router
> issue.
> Maybe try OsmAnd Live if you have an android device, or find an
> alternative osm router that updates faster

OK thanks - seeing that OSRM seemingly works straight away, I thought they
may both have?

Regardless of any blocks, it still doesn't alter the rather strange
directions they show for the route though?

We'll see if anybody else has any thoughts :-)


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