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Mon Jan 14 10:28:27 UTC 2019

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> On 14. Jan 2019, at 02:15, Kevin Kenny <kevin.b.kenny at gmail.com> wrote:
> The mandate to use UK English in tags breaks down when UK English
> lacks the vocabulary!

+1, we‘ve seen this in other fields as well, e.g. the distinction of „Burg“ and „Schloss“ in German, which somehow translate both to castle in English (but find equivalent terms in other languages, e.g. some slavic languages). The solution in this case was using castle as the umbrella term and add subtypes with descriptive names to it.

I would see mobile homes (movable “houses” that usually are not moved around all the time, because of the effort) as a different kind of beast than motorhomes, RVs, caravans etc.

I believe we should be able to distinguish at least:
- whether the things are sold / rent
- selfpropelled or trailers 
- custom or standard (is it a vendor or a workshop)

I know there are also companies that offer to transform all terrain military trucks into expedition vehicles, and there are luxury versions at prices with no upper limits (think Arabian princess mobile quarters including space for racing horses).
Basically Yachting on land for the super rich. Just ask your favorite search engine for some pictures to get an idea, e.g. “luxury expedition vehicles”

Cheers, Martin 

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