[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - (Hierarchies route=bicycle)

Axelos axelos at broman.fr
Mon Jan 14 10:50:33 UTC 2019


Richard Fairhurst wrote
> Axelos wrote:
>> Hello, I propose a concept for contributing cycling route.
> From the description on the wiki page, I'm not sure how your proposal
> differs from the practice documented at
> https://cycling.waymarkedtrails.org/help/rendering/hierarchies . Could you
> explain the difference?

It's the same concept.  The idea is to document the practice on the OSM Wiki
and not just on a third-party website (no matter how good).

>> Example name = Boucle de la Moselle: Toul - Pompey
> Please don't do this - the name tag is for an object's commonly agreed
> name,
> and "Boucle de la Moselle: Toul - Pompey" is not the official name of any
> part of the route. You could perhaps use the description= or note= tag
> instead.
> There are lots of examples of this in your proposal: "name=PAN Segment 1",
> "name=V√©loroute 50 : √Čtapes", and so on.

Indeed this type of information can be indicated in "description".  However,
the relation of the hierarchies consists in linking the different relations
of the same route in a single relation.  The end user only sees this single
parent relation, the "superroute".  So, to indicate this type of information
in the relations child in the field "name" represents a real problem?

>> To do this effectively, you will need a powerful editor: JOSM.
> This is a "tagging smell" (cf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_smell).
> Any
> tagging scheme that requires a particular editor is probably a bad scheme.
> As it happens, you can certainly edit relations like this with Potlatch 2
> no
> problem and I guess you can with iD too; but before any tagging scheme
> like
> this is adopted, you should create a tutorial for iD users. It shouldn't
> be
> necessary to learn a whole new editor just to be able to tag a bike route
> -
> as you yourself say, "Is the hierarchy of cycle routes reserved for
> experts?". Bear in mind too that iD users _will_ edit these routes, so the
> scheme should be intuitive and robust (of course, that should be the case
> anyway!).

In general, contributing to relations on openstreetmap (cycle, bus,
boundaries) requires a minimum of knowledge.  This is not like indicating
the location of a bench.
ID is not suitable for this type of contribution (relations), he knows how
to do it, but in a superficial and irrelevant way.
It's not up to OSM to adapt to ID, but the opposite. Since it is not up to
OSM to adapt to opencyclemap but the opposite (ref = icn). 
Potlach 2 in 2019 is a joke!  It is an outdated publisher requiring
dangerous technology (Adobe).

There is a distinction between being "expert" and being "voluntary". Using
JOSM is not just for "experts" but for people who want to go beyond
representing benches! I caricature.


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