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Jmapb jmapb at gmx.com
Thu Jan 17 01:07:25 UTC 2019

On 1/16/2019 2:45 PM, Peter Elderson wrote:
> I copied the page from the highway=bus_stop page, because the thing 
> resembles a bus stop.
> This off the road bit can go. The idea, as discussed earlier, is not 
> to include the node in the route or routes. The node allows people to 
> hop on one or more routes, but is not part of these routes.
> Local mappers / communities can discuss where to put the node. For 
> Nederland, current tagging is to put the node exactly where the 
> landmark  pole or stele is. Mappers / communities may decide to use 
> the location of an infoboard or banner, or a parking place or rest 
> facility nearby the trail.
> Worldwide at this moment, I see no basis for recommended further 
> tagging, just the one basic node.
> Vr gr Peter Elderson

Thanks -- I can certainly imagine a mapper contemplating drawing an area 
for a more elaborate trailhead, to include parking or toilets for 
example, but I'm perfectly happy with 1) Keep it simple and just use a 
node, and 2) Put that node where it makes the most sense in local context.


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