[Tagging] The actual use of the level tag

Phake Nick c933103 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 06:46:35 UTC 2019

> One reason that's of particular interest to me is that SIT is intended
> to be compatible with 3D rendering, allowing for the creation of 3D
> models that represent both the inside and outside of buildings at the
> same time.
> At the moment, Simple 3D Buildings has no support for "half" levels, so
> if we want to preserve that feature of SIT, we would need to update both
> tagging standards at the same time.

For indoor tags to be compatible with 3D rendering, there should be a way
to indicate 3D position of bridge/tunnel/stair/any other structures that
connect multiple structures together. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think
there's currently a universally accepted way in indoor tagging and 3d
tagging to tag a bridge between level 3 of a building and level 6 of
another nearby building, which is a rather common scenario for building
cluster built on a mountain or slope and thus each individual building have
different ground levels.

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