[Tagging] Forest parcel with other landcover (scrub, scree…): how to map?

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>     > According to the wiki, they're not
>     > based on services either.
>     if the wiki says it explicitly like this we should fix it.
> Just looking & it's a mixture, & also a bit of a mess
> =city: the largest settlement or settlements within a territory
> =town: an important urban centre ... normally have a good range of 
> shops and facilities which are used by people from nearby villages.
> =village: A settlement with between 1,000 and 10,000 inhabitants
> =hamlet: an isolated settlement, typically with less than 100-200 
> inhabitants
> =isolated_dwelling: the smallest kind of human settlement. They are 
> outside other settlements ... must not consist of more than 2 households
> =locality: an unpopulated location (but the example photo is of an 
> inhabited village!)
> I would suggest we remove all reference to number of inhabitants, & 
> base the decision on each mappers own recognition of how "important" 
> this place is, so an isolated "village" with only a few hundred people 
> in it, but which is the main centre for this area will be a town, & 
> maybe even a city?

No, the population size is a handy guide and should be kept - as a 
guide. May add the word 'typically' where it is missing?

> I'm happy to have a go at them if we're willing?

A problem is that the British have a system .. based on old definitions 
- using things like cathedrals to help define their definitions.

On 'one set of rules' is going to match world wide. The number of pubs 
may be a useful criteria in Australia, but not in Morocco.

The document needs to be a guide .. not a 'rule'.
One guide should be that surrounding places must be relative in level of 
important to the place that is being mapped. I don't think a place with 
no post office can be more important than a place with a post office in 
the same area.
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