[Tagging] R: Tagging Digest, Vol 112, Issue 180

Viking viking81 at tin.it
Fri Jan 25 23:04:48 UTC 2019

Ok, so the situation is this:

1) The water main diameter going along the street and (among other things) feed hydrants => fire_hydrant:diameter, according to the original meaning of this tag. It is  generally acquired from signboards.

2) The water connecting pipe between the water main and the hydrant => there is not a tag for this 

3) The hydrant couplings where firefighters connect their equipment. => couplings:diameters, as documented on fire hydrant wiki page.

When I rewrote fire hydrant page, I did an error: I confused (1) and (2), because here in Italy, water main diameter (1) is not reported anywhere (nor on signboard nor on hydrant).
So I propose to rewrite fire_hydrant:diameter definition, removing references to (2) and simultaneously I will delete all fire_hydrant:diameter tags that I added, because all of them contain wrong data.

Best regards,

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