[Tagging] crossing=cycleway as a node

Markus selfishseahorse at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 15:36:26 UTC 2019


I don't think cycleway=crossing is a good idea because crossing=* key
specifies whether a crossing has traffic signals, is only marked
(uncontrolled) or unmarked. However, bicycle crossing can also have
traffic lights or be only marked (and likely there are also unmarked
bicycle crossings). With crossing=cycleway you won't be able to
specify any of these crossing types.

Besides, highway=crossing is currently either used for pedestrian-only
crossings or for crossings for pedestrians and cyclists or riders.

Therefore a new highway=bicycle_crossing tag for bicycle-only
crossings might be best.

(By the way, a tiger crossing is an unsignalised crossing for cyclists
*and pedestrians*.)



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