[Tagging] crossing=cycleway as a node

Hubert87 sg.forum at gmx.de
Sat Jan 26 15:39:45 UTC 2019

Hi yopaseopor,

I think that
is also the excepted way of tagging for cycleways crossings.
You could add
to that (crossing) Node to mark that this is bicycle crossing (,too).


Am 26.01.2019 um 15:17 schrieb Volker Schmidt:
> On Sat, 26 Jan 2019 at 12:05, yo paseopor <yopaseopor at gmail.com 
> <mailto:yopaseopor at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi!
>     Now I'm tagging with the more detail I can some cycleways in
>     Catalonia. I do al the ways, and I cut and mark all the crossings.
>     I do this with the formula
>     highway=cycleway
>     cycleway=crossing
>     as a way (like I do other times with
>     highway=footway
>     footway=crossing
>     for mark all the pedestrian crossing. But I have a dilemma. When I
>     want to tag the exact point in the cycleway crossing with the road
>     I would use highway=crossing
>     crossing=uncontrolled
>     ...but it is not so detailed enough so I think about a
>     crossing=cycleway
> The fact that the road is crossed by is crossed by a cycleway is 
> already defined by the "highway" tags' values of the two crossing 
> highways.
> The values of the "crossing" tag describe properties of the crossing 
> itself, not of the crossing ways.
>     highway=crossing
>     crossing=cycleway
>     would be a good formula.
>     What do you think?
> I think it is not in line with existing tagging
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