[Tagging] Drain vs. ditch

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I would rather add a specific section in the wiki page about width with the explanations you just provided to make the point clear once for all.

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> There are words in the language which let you distinguish natural waterways
> by size, e.g. brook -> stream -> river.
> The artifical waterways on the contrary are distinguished maily by usage,
> rather than by size:
> canal - carry useful water
> ditch - melioration chanals which are in contact with the land (soak water
> from or into land)
> drain - carry away superfluous liquid (and hence are usually lined).
> Canals due to their purpose are usually but not necesserily large, e.g.
> some canals in hydro-power generation can be just a couple of meters wide.
> Drains and ditches again due to their purpose are usually small.
> The only point at which "size" is in the play is when drainage ditches flow
> into a larger channel which eventually carries the water away from a field
> or when a large channel brings water to a field and distributes it between
> irrigation ditches. These large waterways can be called canals probably
> because they get some kind of "useful" connotation.
> Maybe we need to delete the "large" and "small" words from the beginning of
> definitions at all?
> Cheers,
> Eugene

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