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John Willis johnw at mac.com
Thu Jan 31 00:21:44 UTC 2019

Looking over the page for schools and  all the abandoned proposals, I assume there is some in-use tag for after-school study and test preparation type private “schools” 

In the US, besides chain shops like Komon, there are “SAT Test preparation” places to help high school students study for the SAT test. In Japan, many students go to cram schools - Juku - on a regular basis. they are not after-school daycare programs, as some students are there studying until 9PM, or go after returning home and eating dinner. Many students attend seasonal courses after school to help them study for entrance exams for middle & high schools (my kids did this). The majority are classes for students to help them with studying, homework, or entrance exam test prep, but I would not consider them “schools” in the same way we think of a middle school or a high school, in the same way the a driving school isn’t a school. 

The much larger facilities, such as Kawaijuku in Tokyo, where students study every day, all day, for a year straight to pass entrance exams certainly is a type of school. Students trying to take difficult entrance exams often choose to attend these type of schools, but they are a vanishingly small percentage of “Jukus” that exist. the little study room next to the train station (the size of a garage) doesn’t seem like a school to me. 

OSM wiki returns basically nothing for “cram school” , and the JA tagging pages offer no help on the “how do I tag a…” page ( https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JA:How_to_map_a ). It has an entry for juku (塾), but points to an abandoned 2007 proposal. ( https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Pre-School_(early_childhood_education) <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Pre-School_(early_childhood_education)> )

Does anyone have any experience tagging these types of things? 

tagging it as “amenity=school” seems wrong.

perhaps amenity=cram_school needs to be created, but it has only 10 uses per taginfo. 

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