[Tagging] Use bbq=yes/no or barbecue_grill=yes/no with campsites?

Jmapb jmapb at gmx.com
Wed Jul 3 15:17:03 UTC 2019

On 7/2/2019 8:20 AM, marc marc wrote:

> Le 02.07.19 à 13:38, Joseph Eisenberg a écrit :
>> There are two similar property tags that describe the presence of a
>> barbecue (BBQ) grill at another feature such as a campsite or picnic
>> site.
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:bbq
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:barbecue_grill
>> If you check taghistory.raifer.tech it's clear that
>> barbecue_grill=yes/no is older and still slightly more common, but
>> bbq=yes/no is becoming more common in the past 2 years.
>> The similar feature tag is amenity=bbq
>> Is there a reason to pick one of these two tags over the other?
> I like having the same string between the main tag for the device
> and the key for the caracteristic of a site having this device.
> so imho bbq=yes is better

Certainly tagging foo=yes to indicate that amenity=foo exists as part of
another feature is standard practice in many cases (atm, toilets, bar
being the most prominent).

Nonetheless I think bbq=yes is ambiguous. To me, the most natural
interpretation of bbq=* is to indicate whether barbecuing is permitted,
rather than to specify the presence or absence of an on-site bbq apparatus.

Consider the situation brought up in this thread last month:


The question was: how to tag a feature where barbecuing is permitted,
but no fixed bbq grill exists? The best suggestion was
bring_own_bbq=yes. But the combination of bbq=no and bring_own_bbq=yes
seems contradictory. Despite the inconsistent spelling,
barbecue_grill=no + bring_own_bbq=yes makes more sense... slightly more.

I'm afraid the possibilities are complex enough that I'd actually
suggest using a bbq:* namespace, ie:


There's the issue of redefining bbq=yes, which has 219 uses... but those
219 uses are already ambiguous IMO -- the only thing I know for sure is
that barbecuing is permitted there. So I don't actually think this is a
redefinition, just a clarification.

(These subtags could also be used to clarify amenity=bbq, which
according to Joseph Eisenberg at
is already ambiguous on the German version of the wiki, covering both
the grill itself and the area where grilling is allowed.)


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