[Tagging] extend unsigned to describe "no info on the ground" for a key

Paul Allen pla16021 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 15:36:45 UTC 2019

On Wed, 3 Jul 2019 at 16:16, marc marc <marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Le 03.07.19 à 16:55, Paul Allen a écrit :
> > What "unsigned" doesn't do is identify how the mapper came to any
> > conclusion about the weight
> > limit or how other mappers may verify it.
> unsigned just said "no info on the ground"

The same can be achieved by omitting the tag.  Possibly supplemented with a
fixme.  A fixme
is better because quality tools can help mappers see where more information
is needed.

the panel may have fallen, stolen or not yet installed,
> the unsigned key says nothing else.

It does when, as seems to be implied by you,  an object can end up with
maxweight=3.5 + unsigned=maxweight without telling anyone how or why
the mapper decided that the maxweight is, in fact, 3.5.

Moreover, when you notice that a bridge has no sign, you generally
> cannot deduce anything more than "there is no sign".

Actually, it's worse than that.  Because you cannot deduce what the absent
sign is
about.  Is it an absent sign for a speed limit, or a weight restriction, or
something else?
I'd expect, for modern bridges on modern roads, the speed limit of the road
as appears
on signs somewhere (possibly a long way) before and after the bridge
applies to the
bridge itself.  I'd only expect speed limit signs on the bridge if the
limit is lower than for
the rest of the road.  By your logic, though, I should tag modern bridges
on modern roads
with unsigned=maxspeed.

Similarly, when I  do a survey and I notice that a house does not have the
> usual
sign indicating its house number, I can said that the sign is not there.

Which would be a little annoying around here, because maybe a tenth of the
houses do
not have numbers, only names.  Most of those name-only houses have never
had numbers.
You think it sensible to tag unsigned=addr:housenumber for those?  Many
houses around
here have numbers without names.  You think it sensible to tag
for those?

> another time, with another source (official or local knowledge),
> this information could be completed (no limit, no number, no name,...)
> with another key. the unsigned key doesn't try to solve others issues.
> one type of information -> one key

I don't think it actually solves any issues that are not better handled
with a fixme or a
source tag, or simply omitting the tag.

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