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Tobias Zwick osm at westnordost.de
Sat Jul 6 10:53:04 UTC 2019

So "unladen" is the word used in UK legislation? Do you have a link?
Even if "unladen" is most commonly used in UK, I still find "empty" better because it is easier to understand what it means for non native speakers (simpler word).

In the US, "empty" seems to be most commonly used, as it is also written on the signs while at the same time, the word is not exclusively known/used in the US - unlike mall, freeway, etc.

"maxbogieweight" caused confusion earlier and was misunderstood as synonymous to "maxaxleload" recently. "maxemptyweight" I think does not need documentation to clarify what it stands for, "maxunladenweight" might.

In the end, UK naming should usually win, but maybe "empty vehicle weight" does not sound so exotic to British ears?


On July 6, 2019 11:46:33 AM GMT+02:00, Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>On 2019-07-06 10:48, Warin wrote:
>> On 06/07/19 18:16, Colin Smale wrote: 
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>> 3 Jul 2019, 12:52 by osm at westnordost.de: 
>> 1.1 At the examples: for max empty weight, I propose the key
>maxemptyweight. It suggests itself. 
>> Added, with link back to this post
>Here that would be called "maximum Tare weight". In the UK? 
>Probably "maximum unladen weight." "Tare" does exist as a word, and is
>frequently used in logistics (empty weight of containers etc) but AFAIK
>not in the context of traffic regulations. 
>Possibly not where you are.. but 
>"registrable light motor vehicle means a motor vehicle that is
>registrable and has a tare mass that is not greater than 2,794
>And also in other traffic legislation in Australia... 
>In the UK?
>"(h)the manner in which the tare weight of road vehicles, or of road
>vehicles of any particular class or description is to be determined. "
>from https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1985/72 
>That is not a traffic regulation, that's about metrology. And by the
>way, I am speaking as a Brit, so native speaker and somewhat conversant
>with the laws and legal system. As I said, the word "tare" does exist,
>and is used in certain specific contexts. But in connection with road
>vehicles, everybody in the UK speaks of Unladen Weight. 

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