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Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Sat Jul 6 11:49:12 UTC 2019

On 2019-07-06 12:53, Tobias Zwick wrote:

> So "unladen" is the word used in UK legislation? Do you have a link?


> Even if "unladen" is most commonly used in UK, I still find "empty" better because it is easier to understand what it means for non native speakers (simpler word).
> In the US, "empty" seems to be most commonly used, as it is also written on the signs while at the same time, the word is not exclusively known/used in the US - unlike mall, freeway, etc.
> "maxbogieweight" caused confusion earlier and was misunderstood as synonymous to "maxaxleload" recently. "maxemptyweight" I think does not need documentation to clarify what it stands for, "maxunladenweight" might.

It is an intrinsic danger of international projects that words mean
different things to different people. Hence the importance of keeping
things objective, and recording facts, rather than judgements. It's
about what things ARE, not what they are CALLED. It really doesn't
matter if the tag uses "unladen" or "empty" or "tare" or indeed
"abc001". What is important is that the chosen tag is well-defined, so
people can translate the data to what it does (or does not) imply. 

For example (my definition): 
Bogie = composite of 2..n axles sharing a common load-bearing mechanism.
Not to be confused with a Close-Coupled Axle Group where each axle has
its own independent load-bearing mechanism. 

With unladen/tare/empty, this is probably not exactly the same as kerb
weight (Mass In Running Order), which includes things like fuel in the
tank. Or is it "dry weight" without even the weight of the brake fluid?
Is it defined as weight, or is it actually legally speaking mass? Which
value is most easily accessible for mappers? Which value is most useful
to data consumers? 

> In the end, UK naming should usually win, but maybe "empty vehicle weight" does not sound so exotic to British ears?

Empty sounds OK to me from a linguistic perspective.
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