[Tagging] JOSM's "suspicious" path data warnings

Volker Schmidt voschix at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 20:31:59 UTC 2019

  >"Suspicious tag combination highway=cycleway together with
> foot=designated, use highway=path"
I interpreted this as invition to use the "neutral" tagging scheme based on
highway=path + foot=designated + bicycle=designated + segregted0yes|no
which is the tagging scheme that JOSM implicitly promote

     This is incorrect. A cycleway tag can be used on a shared path, one
> which can have a designation for other
>      transport modes, such as a Public Right of Way for walkers.
I would not say it's is incorrect. It is biased and inviting users to use
one of several competing mapping schemes for maping mixed-use

Anyway, the most important thing from a routing point of view is to provide
all necessary information like legal access, surface, smoothness, width,
And when it comes to detail there are nuances in meaning. For example, the
(nearly) identical signs for shared foot-cycleways in in IT and DE have
different meaning:
In DE it means "shared" as both cyclists and pedestrians have equal rights
and obligations, and there is also the obligation for cyclists to use it
if it runs parallel to a road, just like a bicycle-only way
In IT it is legally essentially a footway on which cyclists are tolerated,
but the pedestrians have always priority to the extend that if there are
too many pedestrians the cyclists have to dismount, and always have to ride
at moderate velocities. These mixed paths are not obligatory for cyclists
when there is a parallel road.

OSM tagging does not reflect these finer differences.
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