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>> I am pretty sure myself that hgv are defined differently: as goods vehicles with a "gross vehicle weight rating" (gvwr), a.k.a. "gross vehicle mass" (gvm) or plainly said maximum laden weight above 3.5t
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> no idea how it is regulated in the UK, on the continent it is gross vehicle mass.

In NSW Australia the regulations are:

Light traffic Roads

You must not use any road with a load limit sign if the total weight of your vehicle is the same as, or heavier than, the weight
shown on the sign.

You may use a light traffic road when that road is your destination for a pick-up or delivery and there is no alternative


You must not drive past a BRIDGE LOAD LIMIT (GROSS MASS) sign or GROSS LOAD LIMIT sign if  the total of  the gross mass (in tonnes) of
your vehicle, and any vehicle connected to it, is more than the gross mass indicated in the sign.

So the signs here beside the road/bridge relate to the actual weigh limit of the road/bridge.. not the weight limits of the vehicle.

The driver would be held responsible if found to be over the weigh limit of the road/bridge.

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