[Tagging] Rethinking Map Features

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 08:31:18 UTC 2019

> status=de facto means it was in use before the tagging list made up the
> approval process, and is generally accepted?

The "De facto" is not only used for tags that were created before the
approval process started. A number of more recent tags (post-2008)
have status "de facto" and are listed on Map Features.

I wish there was a wiki page that defined the meaning of each status,
though I believe only the difference between "de facto" and "in use"
is unclear at the moment.

> Other status values exist .. why is there a need to ignore or change them?

My theory is that a tag that's included Map Features should either be
approved or the status changed to "de facto". The wiki can be easily
edited to change a tag from "in use" or "proposed" to "de facto" if
the community agrees that a tag has already become accepted and widely
used, without a complete approval process.

So any tags that are current "in use" but in Map features could be
changed to "de facto" after a brief discussion.

> But ... proposed tags I don't think should be propagated for the general OSM
> population use.

Absolutely. That's why I would like an easy way to see if a proposed
or draft tag has been added to the Map Features page; they should be
removed until discussed.


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