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The most common value for maxstay=* is 0. There is no guidance on the wiki
on how to interpret this. However, the below is used to explain that you
cannot use the parking on Sunday and public holidays.

maxstay:conditional=0 @ (Su,PH)

Looking at the data around me, I think maxstay=0 is used by mappers to say
there is no signposted maxstay. So that would be synonymous with saying it
is "default". Which we generally don't map. So I would just remove them in
my area.

However, we could also chose to say "maxstay=0" actually does mean
"default". After all, it is what mappers seem to do. But that would mean
the above conditional example is wrong.
That doesn't really matter, since:

a) it makes no sense, this should be a conditional access tag instead and
we should remove these examples from the wiki
b) there are only a very few uses worldwide of this logic

Am I reading this right? Am I missing something? What do you think is the
best solution: defining maxstay=0 as "you can stay for exactly no time at
all" and making most of the existing data wrong? Or saying maxstay=0 means
maxstay=default and should hence not be mapped at all in most cases?

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