[Tagging] New page "Approval status" for "de facto", "in use", "approved" etc

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 12:09:01 UTC 2019

Correction: obsolete is only used 6 times with tags and 0 keys at the
moment, but "discardable" is also used with 7 keys in addition to 1
tag, so that's 8 times.

The "discardable" status is clearly different from "deprecated" as you

>> Perhaps there should be a wiki page created that described the process
>> for deprecating a tag and when to change the status?
> I guess there may be different opinions how and when a tag becomes
> deprecated, a wiki page would help to gather information and consolidate on
> an agreed meaning/process.

It would be good to get some ideas about how to describe the correct
way to deprecate a feature.

I remember it was hard to figure out how to add a new item to the
Deprecated Features page (camp_site=camp_pitch in my case), and there
wasn't in mention in the Proposal Process page.

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