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But this doesn't really address the problem. We can't fix State Parks
> by making them 'boundary=national_park admin_level=4' because they
> don't function as 'national park' in the IUCN deffinition of the term.
> Instead, the typical State Park is a hybrid of nature_reserve and
> recreation_ground and park and maybe a few other things. Requiring
> that those land uses be mapped separately leaves no whole to which the
> name and boundary can be assigned, but the whole doesn't really have
> anything binding it together other than a protection status, a
> coterminous set of boundaries and a name.

Doesn't seem to fit national parks in the UK either.  See Pembrokeshire
Coast National
Park: https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/165598

It is entirely within, and occupies a large part of, the county of
Pembrokeshire.  It is not
administered by the UK Government, the Welsh Assembly or Pembrokeshire
Council but by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.  See

The PCNPA owns less than 2% of the national park, the rest of it is
privately owned.  It contains
13 Special Areas of Conservation, 5 Special Protection Areas, 1 Marine
Conservation Zone,
7 National Nature Reserves, 60 Sites of Special Scientific Interest and 265
Ancient Monuments, all of which come under one or another protection scheme
and are
administered by different organizations.  See
https://www.pembrokeshirecoast.wales/default.asp?PID=503  There are also
administered/protected by various different organizations.

It also contains hamlets, villages, town and cities.  As well as everything
else you might expect
to find in an area with a resident population of around 22,500 such as golf
courses, recreational
parks, etc.

Planning permission within the park is controlled by the PCNPA rather than
the County Council.

It's all kind of complicated.

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