[Tagging] Underground Mall entrances?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 05:37:29 UTC 2019

Underground malls are often mapped with location=underground and
layer=-1 and more negative values can be used for the underground
levels of features within the mall.

But how should we specify the location of an entrance to the underground mall?

There is an amenity=parking_entrance tag for the entrance of an
underground (or aboveground) parking structure, which allows routing
and rendering applications to show this location specifically.

It could be useful to map the location of the mall entrances, both for
underground malls and large above-ground malls, so that the main mall
entrances can be located separately from all the individual shop
entrances. T

he tag indoor=yes can be used with entrance=yes to show that this door
is within the mall, but there isn't a specific way to show the main
entrance/exit from the whole shopping centre, when the outer way of
the area doesn't intersect with the entrance=yes node.

This would be common with underground malls, where the entrance may be
inside of, or even outside of, the polygon that outlines the area of
the mall, because the escalators or stairs are usually not right at
the boundary.

Would something like entrance=mall or mall=entrance work?

Or do we need a subtag for entrance=yes?

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