[Tagging] A modest proposal to increase the usefulness of the tagging list

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Sun Jun 2 11:17:41 UTC 2019

On Sunday 02 June 2019, Simon Poole wrote:
> - not posting more than 30 times per month (the 30 comes from the WMF
> mailing lists, where it seems to work quite well)
> - not more than one proposal per person per month
> - not more than 4 new proposals per month in total

Note there have been in the past opinions that documenting a new tag 
without creating a proposal is not desirable (see 
the "motorcycle:scale" thread earlier this year).  If you combine that 
with the limitation of the number of proposals that can be made you 
would essentially limit our base principle of "Any tags you like".

In other words:  Any rate limitation to the proposal process would IMO 
need to go with a clear agreement that the proposal process is optional 
for creating a new tag.

In the past i usually preferred the wiki for bringing up and discussing 
questions related to specific tags especially because it allowed for 
more selective participation in discussion.  But the introduction of 
bot edits into the wiki to me largely burnt the whole thing.  A clear 
agreement that the tagging documentation part of the wiki is humans 
only without using mechanical tools would therefore also help a 
lot. ;-)

My own observation regarding the tagging list is that endless threads 
are much more annoying than the overall number of new subjects opened.  
So having as a guiding principle the rule not to post more than two or 
three replies on the same subject could be useful.  It would encourage 
everyone to contemplate their replies more thoroughly and not engage in 
back-and forth two person dialogs - for which this kind of mailing list 
with a large number of subscribers is not really the ideal place.

Christoph Hormann

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