[Tagging] Splitting places and hosted devices in mapping

Fran├žois Lacombe fl.infosreseaux at gmail.com
Fri Jun 7 17:08:03 UTC 2019

Hi all,

The recent work and talks on a proposal I wrote regarding traction
substations show a need to distinguish sites and devices in our tagging.
According to
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/One_feature,_one_OSM_element, I think
it's a important point, especially when you have complex arrangement of
indoor features in a single building for instance (malls, technical
facilities, big buildings...)

The proposal deals with converters (devices) and places/sites (building)
hosting them, very technical thing in this particular situation. Some
contributors asked to map one single feature for building and hosted
devices as an area. To me it would be more valuable to draw the building
and add nodes inside the perimeter to map the devices (even if there is one
single main device inside the building)

Proposal :
(See Converters hidden in building chapter on corresponding talk page)

This would also be the situation for any furniture in a shop or in a
library, any amenity in a given public place...

I want to discuss about the sentence here :
"An area object representing a single-use building with a point object
inside it. If you find this, move the tags to the area object and delete
the point." described as a bad situation.

I find this inconsistent with the purpose of the page principle, not to
mention it doesn't reflect to what is seen in the situation of a given
apparatus installed inside a building (and not built in place as a building
we need to map both situations separately).
It also makes hard to follow a proper life cycle for both hosted and
hosting feature when they are mixed, not to mention headaches to get to
which feature a particular tag refers.

I didn't remember of a similar discussion here, and I'll be pleased to read
your opinions about this topic.
This would surely make my proposal better and may allow to complete the 1
feature=1 osm element page.

All the best

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