[Tagging] Splitting places and hosted devices in mapping

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 8 21:49:44 UTC 2019

Le 08.06.19 à 17:46, Johnparis a écrit :
 > there are one or more devices inside the building

that's the main issue.
if you fill a hole with water, it doesn't matter to have one
object or 2 because the water can fill the whole v1olume.
but on a site that includes cables, switches, motors,
tagging the site with the biggest device is not great.
inform that the site has a characteristic related
to this device is much better.

it is not a serious error, but it would be harmful to show
an error as a "best practice".
if someone mentions it as a simple example (and it is needed
to have simple examples so that a contributor can start easily),
it should be clear that it is a simplified, waiting to be improved,
for example by giving the improved schema afterwards.

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