[Tagging] New description of waterway=pressurised

Richard ricoz.osm at gmail.com
Sat Jun 8 23:12:13 UTC 2019

On Fri, May 31, 2019 at 08:59:08PM +0000, marc marc wrote:
> I don't understand the logic of changing the meaning of a tag recently 
> validated by a proposal without prior consultation.
> a natural siphon was before your modification a waterway=pressurised,
> now no more.
> the fact that the approved proposal did not want to go into the details
> of speologies is not a sufficient argument.
> the fact that some contributors do not know if the whole underground 
> part of the river is a syphon or not is not a sufficient argument 
> either, in this case it is sufficient to use location=underground as 
> proposed in the image of the propal.
> but if someone knows that a section is a pressurized siphon, it's a good 
> thing he refine the info

The idea that you should map anything in a natural cave as "pressurised" 
is a fundamentally flawed concept. The water level drops a few inches and 
suddenly the "pipe" is no longer water filled or only parts of it. Other
parts of the cave will become pressurised after a rain that fills the 
cave with water?

The fact that it has been approved only demonstates that our approval process
is defying reality and physics <g>


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