[Tagging] Landuse=farmyard vs residential

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Wed Jun 12 13:04:10 UTC 2019

I'm trying to map rural farming hamlets, and because land is at a premium in Japan, a single farmers "family" will have a small area with a very old abandoned collapsing house filled with old farming junk, an old house, a new house, a old stone storehouse or barn, several tractor garages/toolsheds, and piles and piles of farming garbage and stuff. larger ones have tiny cowsheds or additional crop processing equipment. Most of the buildings are adjacent or touching inside this single farmers walled/fenced area, around a small driveway. These are *separate* from the land they actually farm. These traditional farmyards are often clustered tighlty together to form a small hamlet which have been overgrown by modern residential suburban sprawl with proper roads if they are near a modern city. 

To me, these areas seem to be landuse=farmyard. 

The fields these farmers operate are being sold off (as they age and stop farming the land) and being turned into straight landuse=residential areas, and eventually these modern rectangular-grid residential areas (full of non-farmers) end up living around these old hamlet-style multi-generational farming complexes.

Am I right to consider these old-style family farm complexes landuse=farmyard? 


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