[Tagging] lanes = 0

ael law_ence.dev at ntlworld.com
Thu Jun 13 11:46:12 UTC 2019

On Thu, Jun 13, 2019 at 08:09:26PM +1000, Warin wrote:
> On 13/06/19 18:41, Tobias Zwick wrote:
> I think a tag to say "lane:marking=no" could be better for that situation???
> lanes=* says the number of lanes, it does not say if they are marked or unmarked as demonstrated above.


It had never occured to me that the lanes tag required markings: I had
understood it to be mainly an aid for routing, algorithmic or manual.
If it requires marking, then most of my own maping of lanes would need
revision. And since I have no good way of estimating widths, I wouldn't
know how to preserve the information with alternative tagging.


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