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Am Do., 13. Juni 2019 um 10:43 Uhr schrieb Leif Rasmussen <354lbr at gmail.com

> The main thing that is hard here is deciding at which width 1 lane becomes
> 2.  In the United States, unmarked roads are usually wide enough for 2 cars
> to easily pass each other, so are practically speaking 2 lanes.  Here in
> Europe, many rural roads are only wide enough for 1 car, meaning that a car
> must pull off the road in order to let another one pass.

for 2 lanes I would require two big vehicles can pass (at least by slowing
down) and 2 cars can pass without slowing down. If width is below, I am
using 1.5 as lanes value. I am not the only one, but it isn't widely
established either: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/lanes#values
Standard vehicles can typically (?) be up to 2.50 m wide, which means the
road must have a width of at least 5.5-6m in order to be 2 lanes. Cars are
typically between 1,60 and 2m wide.

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