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I agree with all of your points.

Reiterating a bit: Using the cannabis:*.* tag to designate a place where
one can buy cannabis, be it a pharmacy or a shop=cannabis, or be it for
recreational or medical use, will go a long way toward making this scenario
both understandable and logical.

I wouldn't like using shop=cannabis with amenity=pharmacy on the same
object. No way. There would also be an ugly "tag collision" with
shop=chemist (whatever that is, LOL). IMO, it would be best to use the tag
of cannabis:medical=only for such dispensaries.

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> On 6/14/2019 5:33 PM, Dave Swarthout wrote:
> > Martin wrote:
> >
> > >It would imply adding shop=cannabis to pharmacies? In some countries
> > the sale of medicine is restricted to pharmacies.
> >
> > Not necessarily. IMO, we could also use the cannabis:medical=yes/only
> > tag to pharmacies offering it.
> >
> Yes, my understanding is that shop=cannabis is only for shops whose sole
> purpose (or at least clear primary purpose) is the sale of cannabis. It
> shouldn't automatically be added to any POI where legal cannabis is
> available.
> A pharmacy that sells a variety of medicines should not be tagged as
> shop=cannabis, but could still be tagged with cannabis:*=* (similar to
> drink:wine=yes at shop=deli.)
> IMO the shop=cannabis tag should not be used at all in any jurisdiction
> where legal cannabis is only available through general purpose
> pharmacies. (I don't know of any such places, but I assume they exist
> somewhere, or will at some point.) And obviously it also shouldn't be
> used in jurisdictions where all cannabis sales are illegal.
> J
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