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> leisure=firepit perhaps?

A fire pit is a physical object, often at beaches, where open fire is allowed inside a very large 1x1 or 2x2 m concrete box. They are usually not used for cooking, but rather sitting around at night for warmth and light. 
You could use them for cooking, I guess, but that is not a firepit's purpose. 

Now let's say you are at a suburban park. Grass, playgrounds, etc. There are some parks with permanent grill boxes on poles. 
You can't use your own grill, only these few public grills. You might even have to reserve one online or buy a permit to use it, but the physical grills exist. 


But what about a park with a designated BBQ area, but no provided BBQs? 


It *does* has picnic shelters and benches and a solid concrete "trashcan" for disposing of hot charcoal Ash(a separate park amenity). A sign says "cooking fires in grills only". This is a "bring your own BBQ" situation, where you bring your hibachi and cook and (rather than dumping the coals in the bushes or the grass and starting a forest fire) you dump your coals/ash in the special can when you are finished. This way, you can rinse your BBQ and put it back in your car without melting your car interior. 

So this park is "BYOBBQ" - you have permission to have a controlled charcoal fire ONLY in a grill that you bring. No ground fires allowed. No firepits exist. No grills are provided - but you can bring your own and you can use it. Some parks do not allow this. This park does. How do we tag that *permission*?

The question of "how do you tag that you are permitted to use a grill?" Is not answered with man_made=firepit.

These kind of grill rules do not exist in Japan (for most suburban Srecreational areas), however fire prone areas (like California) have very strict rules about using open flame almost anywhere. Parks have a myriad of rules. The city provided grills suck, and are often unclean or damaged, so the city provided a coal can and gives you permission to operate your own,  so a park ranger/policeman doesn't write you a ticket. 

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