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In Spain is easy: when there is no marks =  lanes=1
The lack of the mark lanes is the reason why when a Spaniard drives by Rome
thinks Italian people are crazy, because they overtake you in the same big
lane, but ONLY one lane (lane without marks). One lane= one car.
lane with no marks is =1 (driver's school book says that) so lane=0 would
be impossible and ununderstable for a Spaniard wherever in the World.


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> >
> > This requirement is fine for Europe, but the presence of lane markings
> > is not reliable in all of the world.
> >
> > In developing countries, such as here in Indonesia, the presence of
> > painted lane markings is inconsistent. Often cheap pain is used
> > instead of more durable thermoplastic, so the markings only last a
> > year. After that the road still functions the same, even though the
> > markings are no longer visible.
> >
> > There are also sections of primary or trunk road that are at least 6
> > or 7 meters wide and freshly painted, but have not yet been marked and
> > may not be for a number of years. I tag these as lanes=2 because the
> > road is clearly wide enough for two lanes.
> >
> > And here in town the main road was recently marked with 2 lanes in
> > each direction, but before it already functioned as 4 lanes because
> > the width was sufficient.
> >
> > While tagging the width is useful, I believe tagging the presence of
> > "de facto" lanes is reasonable in developing countries and places
> > where painted lane markings are not frequently used.
> This description is a perfect fit for the situation in central Italy as
> well, not having marked lanes can happen on 2+2 roads for years and for
> many kilometers. Often there are lane markings for some part of the road
> while they are missing on others. Generally they are aiming at having
> lanes, but it isn’t pursued with high priority ;-)
> I can understand the argument that lanes have to be painted in order to be
> there, but it isn’t the reality I am observing.
> We shouldn’t dismiss lane_markings=no as it can solve both cases: no lanes
> marked but lanes=n is set, and no lanes tag set (confirmation the tag
> wasn’t forgotten).
> Cheers, Martin
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