[Tagging] Verifiability of geometry

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Sun Jun 16 19:20:25 UTC 2019

On Sunday 16 June 2019, Daniel Koc4‡ wrote:
> Christoph (imagico) has proposed there a set of example rules that he
> believes are self evident and invited to challenge them if someone
> disagrees, so here I am:

Not quite - this is just a collection of statements regarding matters 
where you claim i did not provide answers to or where you repeatedly 
bring up arguments based on assumptions that have been refuted in the 
past already (like the persistent idea that any two-dimensional entity 
should best be modeled in OSM with a polygon).  It is neither meant to 
be an exhaustive framework of principles nor are they necessarily 
useful as practical rules.

All of these are not new statements - they are not literal quotes but i 
have made them in previous discussions in similar form (here, on the 
wiki, on github or elsewhere).

You have stated disagreement with several of these statements but you 
have not challenged them in any way by pointing out a logical error or 
by arguing why the suggested approach how mappers should decide on how 
to map things is of disadvantage to them or to the project as a whole.

With challenging my statements i mean providing evidence for them to be 

I would suggest to you not to concentrate on your spontaneous emotional 
reaction of dislike to views like mine that differ from your own but to 
consider what objective arguments you have that support your position 
and what long term consequences this would have.  You have made clear 
on a lot of occasions that you reject the concept of verifiability as a 
guiding principle for mapping decisions but so far the only reason for 
this you have ever given is essentially because it is inconvenient and 
it prevents the addition of data to OSM you would like to see added.  
Given that the reasons why we have and should keep the verifiability 
principle have been discussed really extensively this all seems frankly 
a bit opportunistic.

Christoph Hormann

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