[Tagging] About the diaper key

Rory rory at technomancy.org
Sun Jun 16 20:41:41 UTC 2019


On Wed, 12 Jun 2019 16:14:59 +0200, Valor Naram wrote:
> the proposal at
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/changing_table has
> been accepted now and I can start with the post-vote process and
> creating a wiki page. The property Key:changing_table success the
> Key:diaper for now but we or at least I have to deal with the question
> "What's going on with the diaper key". The answer seems clear:
> Key:diaper is now superseded by Key:changing_table. While it's the part
> you CAN definetly answer with ease. The second part properly not. "What
> do we do with the POIs having the Key:diaper?"
> I am very excited about hearing your ideas since some of you noted that
> just replacing the diaper key and its values with the key and the values
> of the new key can be problematic.

I suggest finding data consumers (people/apps/sites/software which uses 
the existing `diaper` tag), and talking to them about supporting the new 
`changing_table` tag. Likewise talk to data contributors (editing 
software) and talk them into supporting your new scheme.

I really don't think a mechanical edit to change all is a good idea. You 
can't rely on all data consumers to read all lists & wiki pages, and you 
risk a data consumer re-adding the `diaper` tag.

If no-one's using the `diaper` tag, then why not make or encourage data 
consumers to support it?


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