[Tagging] kerb regulations: moving towards a tagging schema?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jun 21 21:10:41 UTC 2019


On 21.06.19 04:38, Emily Eros wrote:
> I'd love to hear from people about what they think about this as a
> general approach. 

It is rare to see a suggestion from someone who is new to the game that
is so well thought out.

I am impressed that you did not, like so many others who want to scratch
their particular itch with OSM, opt for whatever is easiest for you and
not care about mapping. Everyone else on the planet would likely have
said something like "ah let's just draw a line next to the road and add
kerbside regs to that", or worse still, "let's just split up the road"
which would, as you rightly point out in your example, lead to very
fractioned ways indeed.

For this idea to be really successful, I believe that your logic of
snapping points to the road and deriving linear information from it
might have to be added to editors, so that mappers can get direct
feedback on how the interpretation changes when they add markers.

I'm not 100% clear on some aspects, e.g. what if your on-the-ground
markers are linear (double vs. single yellow line indicating no
stopping/no parking etc.) but it is possible that you've covered that
somewhere without me noticing.

I'm sure practical application will lead to all sorts of questions or
follow-on problems but the approach sounds promising.


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