[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - (Feature Name)

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 01:39:54 UTC 2019

>  From my view,
> healthcare leads to use different kind of items, taking examples:
> healthcare=clinic is a type of healthcare facility, and
> healthcare=dentist is for me, a type of speciality.

The tag amenity=clinic (and the alternative but much less used
healthcare=clinic) defines a feature that is a general or specialty
clinic, usually staffed by several physicians, usually people with the
degree "M.D.".

Physicians ("doctors") can specialize in various fields after they
receive their medical degrees by going to a residency program, perhaps
followed by a fellowship.

A dentist's office is quite different. Dentists go to different
professional schools and receive a "D.D.S" or "D.M.D." degree. They
have their own specialty programs.

We use "amenity=clinic" or "amenity=doctors" versus "amenity=dentist"
because that fits the usual, common terminology.

> Then in healthcare2.0 proposal, there were a debate to use sepacialty
> instead of speciality... (3)

I can't address this, since I'm not aware of common British English
usage. It appears that the oed and Cambridge dictionaries say that
"speciality" is the more common British term?

We should use what is common in every-day speech, not the terms that
are used within the healthcare system only. Perhaps our English
contributors can chime in?

But since healthcare:speciality= has been used 39k times, it probably
shouldn't be changed even if specialty is slightly better

> I liked the proposal of health_facility:type= from healthcare 2.0
> especially because it takes into account health centre and health post.
> (which I guess is possible to add to healthcare=*?)

"healthcare=centre" has been used 5698 times - I would use it for an
outpatient surgical center for example

"health post" could be useful for the "Pustu" here in Indonesia, which
are usually supposed to be staffed by a nurse or midwife instead of a
physician. But "healthcare=nurse" has been used 122 times and
"healthcare=midwife" 427 times.

The one issue would be health posts that have no trained nurse or
midwife, but only a minimally-trained "community health worker", eg
"kader kesehatan" in Indonesian - this situation is common in very
remote areas in Asia and Africa. But I would use the "healthcare=" key
for this.

- Joseph

> On 19/06/2019 20:06, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
>> In general, I appreciate the work that you are doing on this, but I
>> don't think you should rely too much on the abandoned healthcare 2.0
>> proposal - it wasn't very well though out.

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