[Tagging] My ban by user Woodpeck = Frederik Ramm

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jun 25 10:19:37 UTC 2019

Hello Ulrich,

this is offtopic here but I'd like to say something anyway since you
started the discussion here.

Your are blocked from editing until we can trust you to respect our
rules. This is a process that has to happen in your head. I would have
hoped that you understood the issue but time and time again you have
demonstrated that you did not.

You cannot continue to use one inadmissible source and then when you're
told this is wrong, use a different inadmissible source and so on ad
infinitum. This is not a contest of who finds a loophole. Use your own
knowledge, or use public domain (or suitably licensed) sources; and
always add a source tag that lets people verify your source. All these
relations you're adding about complex waterway systems and their names -
these can impossibly all be your knowledge so you're copying them from
somewhere and if you don't say where from then we must assume it's an
inadmissible source.

Since all your mapping is in Germany, please go to the German mailing
list or German forum to discuss what exactly you are doing with your
waterway mapping and what your data sources and processes are, and then
if we find a way forward that will not lead to lots of complaints to DWG
about your work, we can lift the ban on your account and let you
continue. But simply letting you continue after a couple days, like we
did in the past, has sadly not helped.


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