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>  Also when they are a passable, two way road?
> BOE-020_Codigo_de_Trafico_y_Seguridad_Vial
> Page 50
>  Carril. Banda longitudinal en que puede estar subdividida la calzada,
> delimitada o no por marcas viales longitudinales, siempre que tenga una
> anchura suficiente para permitir la circulación de una fila de automóviles
> que no sean motocicletas.
>  It is the place of the road , limited or not by marks , that has
> sufficient width to fit a row of motor vehicles (not motorcycles).
> In a road, if you can fit a row of motor vehicles, then , in Spain,  it is
> a lane.
> So...
> lane=1
> oneway=no
> could be possible

Yes, and that's actually already a thing.  It looks like this:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-track_road  Extremely common in
national forests in the US.  Somewhat unusual but not unheard of on
particularly rural highways in the US and Canada (BC 17 between Victoria
and Port Renfrew comes to mind offhand as having quite a few sections where
it goes down to a single lane for both directions).
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